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Telenovela Aquele Bejo
Love, relationships, passion, romance, laughter and conflicts. And a kiss, that kiss can change everything.
Because when we are experiencing a whirlwind of emotions and find ourselves in the midst of a battle of feelings, a simple act can transform our lives.

Sorrows, joys we get deep. The disappointments, new achievements may arise. The differences may happen encounters. Large gatherings of life.

Miguel Falabella, directed by Roberto Talma core and overall direction of Cininha Paula, 'That Kiss' is a romantic comedy with a unique look at life. It is a novel where humor prevails even in the worst moments of the characters. A cheerful story, which sees human beings with affection, even if it is not perfect. It is a journey through Rio de Janeiro suburb, showing that the grace of the world is exactly the differences.

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