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Another State of Mind

To my strongest structure, my deepest core, my reason for being.

My family: Dad, the man in my life, who taught me to love, respect and serve fado, but never take advantage of it. Fado is in my soul and not just in fashion.

..."Being a fadista is not something that can be taught, it cannot be learnt, it is born when a person is born, this voice that answers us from within, coming from who-knows-where, it cannot be bought, cannot be sold"…as the Poet said.

Mother, who put me here, your heart beats in time with mine. My sister (to whom I dedicate track 14) – There is no me without you, you are my other half and that says it all. Daughter, my continuity, my sweet and sour growing, I adore you. Aléxia, you feed my smile every day. Ivan my eternal little boy. Brother Zé, the affectionate right hand I can’t do without. Alicinha, you know what you mean to me, and I am and will be for you what you feel but have never said. Zé Carlos and Bombom, the eternal companions I shared my life with at different times. Tété, who sends me hugs every day from a place I don’t know yet. And the half-dozen friends I love (you know who you are), the ones who laugh but also cry with me, who share the silence when the words run out. This work happened with you and for you, and it is with you that I want to share this possible comeback – or not, God only knows (and I occasionally have a good old chat with Him about the state of the world). And finally to you, my audience, with whom I have already shared 33 years of my life (except for a few ‘peaks’) in the desperate hope that you get some pleasure, and understand that this is a work of love, for love and with love.

A kiss and see you later (if you so wish)

Marina Mota, January 2006

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